Icerenkoy Residence



45.000 m²


Icerenkoy Residences are in a very special position for Istanbul where the view of magnificent Prince Islands offers the residents to enjoy the beauty of the city. On the other hand, its location net to E-5 Highway and Kadikoy Subway Line attracts a large amount of housing population to the area. As an A+ residential design, Icerenkoy Residences will accommodate 141 housing units and retail areas on street level, which will serve to its dwellers.
Two residential high-rises with 31 and 24 floored plans are close to several services, malls and other urban functions. Especially the urban park between the two towers placed as an un-seen potential both for the neighbourhood and the Project itself.
The architectural design sets the two residential blocks pushed into the boundaries of the plot for gaining the maximum light, wind control and shading, while enlarging the urban park in the middle. With the urban park in the centre, project aims to create a peaceful living area that serves to both its residents and surrounding. in addition to the urban park, Icerenkoy Residences animates the social life with retail functions that spread on street level.
Having a spectacular view of Prince Islands Icerenkoy Residences, offer various types of residents that respond to every preference. Façade facing towards sea and city, comprises stone, timber and glass mostly.
The Project had been approved by the local authority and currently in initial phase of construction.