Gs Hotel



17.000 m²

Not only Turkey’s but also Europe’s one of the most successful sport clubs, Galatasaray represents a pioneering and inspiring identity for Turkish sport culture. Setting on a major route of Istanbul, the hotel reinterprets Galatasaray’s leading notion in architectural terms and gracefully stands on a horizontally spreading public plaza which animates the street life around it. It’s soft edges are representing an attractive and a wellcoming architectural design that invites the visitors in. Galatasaray Hotel Building interacts with its surrounding like a rising torch and generates vibrancy so does Galatasaray itself in sport. The project, reaching to 17 000 sq.m, distinguishes itself as a slender, smooth and controlled addition to its urban environment and upholds the aesthetic and tactile qualities. The design highlights the longitude proportions that results in a dramatic slim expression like an urban curtain. Horizontal panels nestle into the façade and create dynamism in each level. Galatasaray Hotel reconciles humility and mighty and elaborates those notions not only in architectural terms, but also signifies them as the abiding values of Galatasaray Sport Club. The design offers a pier-like urban atrium in ground which is gently attached to its urban context as if a public gallery to facilitate the pedestrian flow around the building.