GOP Master Plan

Istanbul, Turkey


3.500.000 m²

Gaziosmanpaşa (GOP) mega-scale Urban Regeneration Project had been developed for the overall district where 1.060.000 m² of project area designed with a gross construction area of 3.500.000 m². The main targets of the regeneration program are creating land-uses, urban densities, infrastructure programs, integrated vehicle and pedestrian flows, urban squares, nodes and niches to be developed for ensuring the urban continuity, community care and green-gaining. Regarding the scale and municipal level of urban intervention, the project approach had a great potential to be relied on sustainable development principles.

Masterplan applies setbacks and large size block designs and limited height codes for providing ideal and human-centric living spaces. The decision of creating a 40 m wide boulevard on north-south axis had become the spine and of the master-scheme. The urban square located in the physical centre of the project area is an important hub to be, due to subway connections, boulevard connection and surrounding offices, high-rises supporting large public spaces and so forth. Homogeneous green corridors, gathering points and public spaces got the site accessible via an integrated approach for transportation.


GOP Regeneration Masterplan developed not only for the physical improvement of the site under the risk of natural disasters, but also to care the existing communities’ needs in their further social, economic and environmental lives.