Gayrettepe Urban Transformation Project

Istanbul, Turkey


251.000 m²

The project is located in Gayrettepe, Istanbul. It has been planned as urban transformation project. The area is busy in both pedestrian and vehicle traffic and it's also close to metro station and public transport as a strategic and central location for both Asian and European Side of Istanbul. It's aimed to integrate the site, which is abstracted, with the city. It's also aimed to be permeable and easy accesible like vein. The project is designed taking safety and relation with the city into consideration in the hectic and vibrant zone. Proposal of a wide boulevard consists of the project's main axis and it works as a main driver in the design process. While resindeces looks onto the axis, retail zones on the ground floor act as a gravity point. It's designed also courtyard leading to the main axis among the residences. Thanks to the courtyards, the project area get fresh air. The buildings which are oriented to the vista on upper floors have fantastic view of Istanbul. Thanks to the design priciples that are followed public and privete zone transition is supplied in a controlled way. Total construction size of the project is 251.000 m²