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220.000 m²

Being on the first perimeter of the city center expansion, the project area is likely to be metropolitan focal by its improved transportation connections. The design takes up this potential and creates a new spatial vocabulary embracing accommodation and outdoor activities with a smart mix approach. Two residential blocks, inspired from Mount Uludağ, hails the skyline with considerately articulated horizontal panels. An elevated disk on the ground with full of social activities gives references to Bursa Plain. Bursa Smart, spreading to 220.000 sq.m, introduces a curvilinear geometry with its high rises while encases a solid base representing vibrant feature. Sequences of distinctive volumes coalesce and create a new urban experience for Bursa where a number of public spaces are also flourishing. The project directly attaches itself to the light rail stop via an urban corridor that generates the major pedestrian flow. It evaluates this axis with upmost concern and offers a well-studied pedestrian route with numerous amenities which would navigate a rich public life appealing the nearby. Bursa Smart Mix maintains this idea and develops a spatial continuity penetrates into the shopping area and reaches to a square at its western side with full of attractions.