Evyap Education Complex

Istanbul, Turkey


27.000 m²

Within the boundaries of Cendere Valley Urban Regeneration Programme, Evyap Schools are locating next to Vadistanbul Project, Seyrantepe Stadium and several newly developing housing/working areas of Maslak District. Due to this rapid change and urbanization on the site, the service capacity and target scope of the educational complex is projected for high number of students. On the other hand, TEM Highway, the subway connections and Buyukdere CBD Axis makes the project site highly accessible for existing urbanized districts either. The target student groups for Ayazağa EVYAP Education Complex are locate in old and new urban development areas around the plot.

As an educational complex, “the source of knowledge, epistemology and learning terms” were discussed to develop the conceptual approach for the project, which would be reflected via architectural design. The memory of space and being involved with the memory of the nature are unique assets of the complex regarding to its bounds with the Valley consists the river, the topography and the astonishing forest environment.
The common areas, activity terraces, libraries, courtyards, sports facilities, classrooms with administrative units and so forth were designed for finding the most effective way of space use within the complex. EVYAP schools will supply public facilities needed for the new development plan where pre-school, primary, secondary and high school levels of education will be serviced in the same point on 8.206 m² plot with 13.320 m² construction size.