Esenler Mixed Use Project

Istanbul, Turkey


295.000 m²

Esenler is a district of Istanbul, Turkey, on its European side. Esenler is mainly densely packed, working class residential in the midst of its industrial neighbouring districts of Gaziosmanpaşa, Güngören and Bağcılar. The project will contribute to the developing region of Istanbul. It's a mixed use project consisting of different functions. It's located on a plot which is 92.000m². A promenade is proposed as a main driver in the project area. Urban texture and vivid life is also taken into consideration. In proposal scale and propotion balance are regarded as one of the main design objectives. On the other hand, courtyards are important element for he project. They supply that residents can be more social and breathe comfortably. When it comes to the housing designs, they diversify in themselves in order to stay away from block effect. Building heights range from 4 storeys to 19 storeys and each block has a different view angle to have more vista. Thus, none of them interferes each other's view. Esenler is ready to present a new life with a prominent design . Total construction area of the project is 295.000 m².