Emaar Square Interior

Istanbul, Turkey


820.000 m²

EMAAR is a global actor in property development and its projects resonate widely in architectural media. Following to its first project in Istanbul, a significant large scale mixed used project is being developed on the Eastern part of Istanbul. Occupying a strategic location in the eastern part of Istanbul, Emaar Square grows up as a significant mixed use project with numerous public areas which are likely to enliven the social life in Istanbul. While a vibrant atmosphere is provided on the ground by plazas and courts, three towers accelerate the skywards and meet with stunning Bosporus and Istanbul Islands view. Emaar Square, is a physical manifestation of place making and makes it mark on the contemporary architectural scene in Istanbul. The project is a quest for complex and fluid space and is a demonstration of how modern and traditional values merge and coexist. The design, reaching to 800.000 sq.m surface area, brings diversity in its outlook reflecting both dynamism and stability so does Istanbul itself refer as both a modern and historical city in its fullest sense. The project awarded to “World’s Best Mix Use Architecture Property Award, 2012”. The strength of the design ultimately springs from the variety that it brought both to the site and to the nearby housing areas.