Doha Trade Center

Doha, Qatar


130.000 m²

An exciting business development to facilitate the increasing influence of Doha on international economy, Doha Trade Center outlines a vibrant feature supporting growing business culture in the Gulf area. The building rises in a way not oppressing to the cityscape, in contrary sets an example of gradual ascension which brings elasticity to scale and size and regulates the vertical energy. The project is not purely about creation of a commercial hub; it is about forming the foundations of future development of Doha and reaffirming the key role of Katar in global terms. The design integrates EXPO and trade centers, office and residence floors along with socio culture amenities all of which constitutes an approximately 130.000 sqm complex that is likely to be one of the symbols of the country. The project elaborates the morphology of a petal and incorporates different surfaces embroidered by horizontal planes. The building blossoms in each floor and amplifies the skyline with its slightly curling yet definite lines which tappers towards the sky. Doha Trade Centre embodies a unique variety of civic nodes and public spaces which allow the building a great deal of permeability and makes it the integral part of the city