Cyprus Hotel

Kyrenia, Cyprus


61.000 m²

Çatalköy (near to Kyrenia) is fast becoming a popular regional tourist and holiday attraction point for Cyprus Island which locates in the middle of Mediterranean Sea.
The Casino&Resort Hotel of 63.323 sq.m construction area, consists a Casino of 5.522 sq.m, a Meeting Room of 830 sq.m, a Ball Hall of 1.000 sq.m and All Day Dining Facilities of 670 sq.m, an Alacart Restaurant of 300 sq.m, a 650 sq.m of Night Club and 255 sq.m of Happening Bar offers several activities during day and night time.
250 high-standard rooms and related facilities distributed to the overall project site. 1 interior and 2 exterior pools and landscape areas are providing the visitor an excellent experience of a Mediterranean holiday. The green installations, the pool and the clear vision of glass selected for the façade are creating a fluidity between indoor and outdoor activities.
The inspiration of architectural design mainly based on the shore asset and topography of site. The positioning of the facility and the viewing opportunities of the rooms are equally enjoying the exotic experience of seaside amendments; maximizing sea views for every unit. This kinetic design was mostly inspired by the geometry of the plot, light contribution, sea view and depth impression of the sea.