City Star Mixed Use Project



264.000 m²

Sitting at the heart of Baku, City Star Mix is a significant addition to the rapidly changing urban texture of the city. Comprising office, residence, shopping centre and entertaining functions, the project also offers meeting places and urban plazas which would accelerate the outdoor activities of Baku. City Star Mix stands as an urban gate and establishes itself a landmark design that fusing various functions within a vibrant urban atmosphere. The project, around 264.000 sqm in its size, meets with urban texture with an expanded gallery that turns into an urban carpet inside the blocks. While office blocks bring energy to Baku’s silhouette from the coastal side, shopping center animates the street life and offers permeable environment rather than an enclosed box. City Star Mix orients itself in north-south axis and carries the dynamism of its surrounding and nearby embankments towards the peripheries of the city. Residential towers lines up on both alignment of the office towers and constitute a dramatic land mark raw capturing attentions from every part of the city. City Star Mix is conceived as an example how big sizes could transform into reasonable scales and embraces both cultural settings as a design input and modern technological advances as inspiring notions.