Borsa istanbul - Kuyaş Offices

Istanbul, Turkey


36.000 m²

Istanbul agglomerates a substantial growing economy and its financial institutions are appealing to national and international markets. Thanks to its vitality, new investment instruments have been emerging and gold as well as jewel trade find a very significant ratio in daily economic activities.
Borsa Istanbul stands as a specialized organization and aims to operate gold and jewelry stock exchange. Its new building locates on Basin Express Road where a new sub center emerges with quite large scale spatial developments. The design sets itself as an iconic structure benefiting from its particular location situating on a rather hill and gains an uninterrupted visibility from the Road.
Inspiring from the solidity of gold and silver, the façade of the building reflects a sober outlook. Several arrangements around the main entrance and the gallery bring a vibrant and dynamic feature by employing texturized elements symbolizing the jewels multifaceted surfaces. The project deliberately pays attention to functional solutions as well as safety and security conditions which is fundamental. Reaching to 36.000 m² size, the design is composed of a main office structure rising over the stock exchange unit.