Bomonti Business Center

Istanbul, Turkey


25.000 m²

Creating a portal to the changing silhouette of Istanbul, Arista Life releases the horizontal energy into a slightly curving vertical tower while keeping a solid expression by its façade treatments. Rather than rising with an ambitious outlook which might hamper the city’s historically epic silhouette, the building interacts with historical and modern parts of Istanbul. Its considerate geometry which respects the skyline makes it a “gateway” to the newly re-emerging urban fabric nearby. Reaching to 25 000 sq.m, the building exemplifies bringing scale to the sizes. Instead of situating itself with a lumbering feature conflicting with the historical city silhouette, Arista Life defines a slight surface regulates its vertical presence and interacts with the city panorama. The project explores the idea that office spaces need spacious, flexible and tidy arrangements which would easily respond the particular spatial and functional preferences. The design offers permeable and continuous partitions and blends workplaces with common places. Providing a large variety of units suggesting different sizes provides a complete elasticity for diverse preference and demands. Arista Life underlines itself both a vertical and horizontal modularity that regulates rising and expansion