Bodrum Turgutreis Villa Project

Bodrum, Turkey


88.000 m²

Turgutreis Villa and Resort Masterplan is a large scale mixed scheme in 1 km length Turgutreis shore which locates in Bodrum on Mediterranean Seaside. The project integrated various type and size of villas and mix uses as hotel residences, retail and social facilities within the same masterplan in line with an approach of creating a new Mediterranean town. The project site is 154 000 m², the design consists of 452 villas, 3 684 m² hotel, 48 residences for rent and complementary retail and social facilities.

The overall construction area is 87 698 m² where vehicle transportation will be limited and all the circulation be held by buggies. The sloppy site gives opportunity for the sea panorama to be open equally, for each units. Especially the aesthetic stairs will ease the pedestrian cycle in daily routine which are in harmony with the local natural elements and organic as the nature itself.

The design mainly inspired by and consists of all the natural materials and local assets of living areas of region while creating a newer and unique one.