Bayramoglu Mixed Use

Istanbul, Turkey
62.000 m²

Located on 38 km East of Istanbul, Darıca is a resort destination for Istanbullers as an escape point which is also 10 km from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. The 386.566 sqm site is currently surrounded by hotels, universities, summer houses and lastly by Marmara Sea on West.

Approximate to D-100 Highway and upcoming subway-stop are the most important assets of site, where the both will be connecting the very central parts of Istanbul to the exact address of Bayramoglu Development site. The Marina that has been developed within the Project site is another important feature of the project which increases the accessibility of the large scale mixed-use scheme from the sea-side as well.

The design approach to Bayramoglu mix totally depends on creating a healthy and sustainable environment so to be called an urban-escape destination that harmonizes the green and blue.

Various housing types including low, mid and high-rises supply housing units for different groups of income. On the other hand, the completing functions such as commercial complexes, offices, a hotel and a Luxury outlet next to a theme park strengthens the impact of the development plan within its territory.

The physical hubs of project were defined as chakra of the third eye and the transportation linkages aimed to direct the visitor into the open and common places and into the Marina via walking paths or traffic roads and cycling routes, the scheme emphasizes a “healthy living” approach.