Bayramoglu Marina

Istanbul, Turkey 


The design approach to Bayramoglu mix totally focuses on creating a healthy and sustainable waterfront town so to be called an urban-escape destination that harmonizes the green and blue.


Client came with 386.566 m² plot with permission from authority for 720.000 m² development size with a large area to be designed as a new urban area especially to be a healthy living space with rich social and public spaces, large green areas and recreational opportunities, residential units and complementary urban functions within the boundaries of Kocaeli Municipality, in Darica District.

Overall investment value of project, including the plot, is 1.789.000.000 Turkish Liras plus VAT, which corresponds to 562.500.000 Euros.


Project aims to produce an urban architecture, healthy and compact, repetitive yet dynamic inside, neutral, while proposing very individualized dwellings, with seriously generous outside spaces.

Especially Public Services like Health and Sports Facility, Social Facilities, Marina, Student and Elderly Housing and other facilities on the waterfront zone, biking zones and exhibition center are the most attractive feathures of Bayramoglu Mixed-use.

The physical hubs of project were defined as chakra and the transportation linkages aimed to direct the visitor into the open and common public places and into the Marina via walking paths or traffic roads and cycling routes, the scheme emphasizes a “healthy living” approach. Moreover, pedestrian routes are clearly defined where children can play in the street once again, without worrying parents.