Balmumcu Hotel

Istanbul, Turkey


45.000 m²

The project is located in Balmumcu, Beşiktaş. The district includes a number of important sites along the European shore of the Bosphorus, from Dolmabahçe Palace in the south to the Bebek area in the north. The project is within the zone which is close to historic commercial centre of Beşiktaş  quarter, Çarşı (literally, "marketplace") which adjoins the small Abbasaga Park. It also faces to, Barbaros Boulevard is a major feeder,  running in the north-south direction. Balmumcu consists of 2 high-rises, which are serviced as hospitality blocks, exclusive 5 star standards. Geometrically the blocks are complementary each other over the silhouette of Istanbul.  Project is high quality hospitality design with retail areas, social facilities and aesthetic touches on facade. It is a promising iconic tourism attraction for the city and Turkey as well.  Balmumcu Hotel's design approach turns its location into an advantage by means of designing multi-faced form that is embracing environment and compatible with it’s surrounding. Hotel rooms and retail areas on ground enriches the structure as a multi-functional new attraction point to the future daily life of Istanbul.