Baku Custom Academy Interior Design

Baku, Azerbaijan


44.000 m²

Azerbaijan gains a key role in export and import facilities between East and West. As the world economy shifts from West to East in the current global climate, the rising significance of the country is likely to be long standing. Azerbaijan Custom Academy is conceived as one of the strategic investments in the development of high skill labor and cutting edge know how that will both undoubtedly crucial particularly in regulating the custom activities. The design seeks an architectural manifesto embodying the “knowledge of practice” and “knowledge of learning” with its two angular longitude blocks. The meeting area in the middle opens to a convention space where the library constitutes a major attraction around which outdoor activities and social spaces meet and blend. The blocks accommodate the educational activities and administrative facilities while represents a permeable spatial configuration allowing continuity between indoor and outdoor areas. Along the block niches and kiosks are lined up to enliven the social and cultural life. Azerbaijan Custom Academy, reaches up to 44 000 sq.m, sets itself as the conception of continuity in architectural terms which is also the fundamental element of custom functions where the efficiency of the process is the hallmark.