Bakırkoy Is Bank Blocks

Istanbul, Turkey


52.000 m²

Bakirkoy is one of the most crowded districts of Istanbul. The site is located on the physical center of city and it has gravity due to its central place. Bakirkoy housing blocks are located 1km South of TEM Highway and 3 km from Ataturk Airport, accessible via several public transportation lines either. The 13.152 m² site currently includes 2 large attached block, Project aims to transform these two blocks into healthier housing units and commercial areas on the ground floor. The plot is linearly laying through the area of almost 250 meters long among two busy roads of the neighborhood.

The relation with the neighborhood is crucial due to the previous functions of the existing residential development. Especially attaching the site into the public space with road-side commercial activities and transferring the ground floors into commerce will change the perception of dwellers now. Pool and courtyards are subject to private usage of dwellers which was emphasized by the design.

The wooden panels on facades and layered forms of residential mid-rises are displaying a warm and sincere neighborhood sense with a manner of inviting services on ground floors that serves both to the dwellers and surrounding areas as well.