Bakırköy Hub and Mixed Use Development

İstanbul, Turkey



Bakirkoy Hub and Mixed-Use Development Project locates in the gravity centre of Istanbul, currently well-connected to the main transportation lines like subway, highway, Ataturk Airport and being nearby the Marmara Sea, it enables a strong connection with maritime transport as well. The Project settled on 21.271 sqm. plot, displays a variety of strategic attractive features due to a macro scale decision of transforming the station and its surroundings into an interchange station for an integrated transportation system and developing the area with complementary functions.
The 250.000 population sized district economy is mainly based on Industrial and Commercial activities where the location enables accessibility to all of the services around İstanbul very easily. The logistics potential of area emphasized that the future development projections for the district should depend on services, tourism and retail.
With overall construction area of 80.000 sqm., Bakırköy Hub and Mixed-Use Development is designed as an integrated mixed-use landmark for its district with public and welcoming facilities that reflects both the citizen needs and local culture.
Following the nomination of the integrated rail-transport hub, Bakırköy Hub and Mixed-Use Development scheme is designed with an aim of creating a very vibrant urban destination and community gathering area. It consists of the town hall and its services, a mall, residential units, restaurants and a hotel. The urban square meets the town hall is representing the dynamism of the community and it runs up and down the street level with a fluid and dynamic form and on different stages. The project is not only unique in terms of transportation or being an intersection point, but also in terms of service connectivity and integration of various land-uses.