Bağcılar Mixed Use

Istanbul, Turkey


390.000 m²

Bağcılar is district which has 752.250 population in Istanbul. It's on the south of Tem Highway and the north of Marmara Sea. Thanks to the strategical positon it's accessible by the sea, rail, air, and all kinds of public transportation. The area has exiting tendency of re-forming itself from industrial landuse to services and business sectors. The project locates on the junction of Devekaldırımı and Fevzipaşa Roads in Bağcılar district.The surrounding industrial areas are planned to be transfomed into residential areas.  The cadastral area of the site is 68.200 m². The site accommodated a former industrial facility where steel and iron used to be produced. Currently, the main functions surrounding the site are unemployed industrial facilities and earlier housing developments which are lack of quality and lack of green. In regard the absence of “neighborhood” perception on the exact region, the design approach focused on re-creating the soft components of an urban pattern on area via architectural interventions. the desıgn crıterıa focuses on creatıon of a new planned and lıveable neıghbourhood concept. Future of the sıte wıll accommodate a mıx of commerce and resıdentıal areas especıally enrıched by extended green courtyards, whıch ıs totally abcent ın the exıstıng urban pattern.The design defines green and blue land-use, the community networks and open spaces as materials of urban pattern and aims to weave a newer pattern with these th data This definition forms a physical analogy for the housing complex as a hand holding and saving the nature.