Ashgabat School Project

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


27.000 m²

The project is located in Tashkent. The site is 2,1 km away from Amir Temur Square where is the heart of Tashkent and is very popular among both locals and tourists. Total project site is 40.000 m² while net project area is 19.300 m². The is adjacent to Ashgabat Park which gives the project its name. It's aimed to bring green and lovely atmosphere of the park into the site as so that childeren can use it as a social platform. Open air activies are also serious part of educatin process. Programme comprises a kindergarten, a primary & secondary school, high school, sports and conference hall. In proposal, seperated blocks are used to express each function clearly. For instance: Kindergarten block is designed more colorful and joy while upper level schools are designed in a more rational way. More rational  Materials are used in important parts of design: colorful aluminium composite panels for kindergarten facade, colorful steel stud for kindergarten garden wall, natural stone claddings for primary and secondary school and green terrace design for all blocks. Total construction size of the project is 27.000 m². As a result the project is designed for an investment in knowledge beacuse education is passport to the future.