Ashgabat Olympic Stadium

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


300.000 m²

The City of White Marble: Ashgabat, Tukmenistan. The concept for Ashgabat Olympic Stadium is unique: a national landmark that reflects the cohesive, white marble aesthetic of Ashgabat. The waving membrane of the roof evokes the desrt winds. It is at once the key conceptual element and greatest challange. The stadium is also designed based on FIFA standarts. According to the FIFA and UEFA standards noth-south orientation is acceptable, northwest - southeast orientation is more reasonableto let all sides of the playing field to recieve a reasonable amounth of sunlight. In the project natural grass field is recommended, with undersoil heating and draining system, automatic watering and ventilation system. When it comes to seating arrangement, it's proposed comfortable area for the audience in order to create an impressive outlook. Besides, audience don't have any visual obstacle and easily join the game.