Arluxia Office



43.500 m²

Rapidly developing business areas in Istanbul’s western peripheries are getting a significant attraction for new office investments. Locating in Beykent and being adjacent to the major motorway of the city, Arluxia Office building is a pioneer example by its striking design that creates a new presence in a territory of transition. Unifying and integrative glass panels rest on metal consoles brings the building a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Arluxia Office takes an alternative stance to break the monotonous urban fabric of current urban fabric and demonstrates an attractive feature that easily captures attentions from its surrounding. The design elaborates the idea of fluidity of water and its interrelation with sky brings brightness to the building with various light effects. Arluxia Office elaborates the idea that providing a certain degree of transparency improves the working conditions and facilitates the efficiency of workers. Regulating its scale with the help of elasticity of square form, the design amplifies cube geometry and put forwards a coherent balance with its spatial arrangements. A box of 43.500 sq.m keeps a complete rationality in its configuration and embodies the fluid state of substance with its humble yet attractive feature.