Antalya Mixed Use Project

Antalya, Turkey


185.000 m²

The city of Antalya, which possesses significant natural and cultural values, is situated in southwestern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Due to its precious position and rich cultural and touristic assets, the design scheme took several objectives into careful consideration.

Project site of 40.000 m² locates in the heart of city with an amazing view and accessibility features. Project program includes retail areas, offices and 486 serviced apartments.

The main concerns of this design are focusing on view of sea and natural beauty of Antalya, controlling the hot climate conditions, creating an adequate green area and social activity areas within the project, enabling the maximum public access and taking an important place within the daily urban life, easing the pedestrian and public access in an open and un-limited way; access and creating a unique and iconic architectural style; creating a concerned design which is respectful to the natural resources both now and in the future, using all the resources with a consciousness including monetarily ones and enabling affordable outputs from this design.

According to developed design vision, GEL (Gastronomy, Entertainment and Lifestyle Centre) a gastronomic centre with rich cultural and entertainment facilities and regular shopping stores divided with a reasonable share within the retail units. With this proposal, it is understood that creating a gastronomy and living centre for Antalya city is much more attractive than a regular shopping experience. In this regard, most of the alternatives put retail function into its centre with keeping the correct shares of the defined function program.