Andijan City

Andijan, Uzbekistan 


633.000 m²

Andijan province is the smallest in size, but the most densely populated province of Uzbekistan. Almost 10 percent of Uzbekistan 's total population lives in what consists of only one percent of country's total territory. It is located in the eastern part of the Ferghana Valley.  In line with the analysis, the existing conditions of the exisiting central development of 70 ha within Andijan City had been evaluated. The spatial conditions of site and future estimations are limited due to the lack of sources. Most of the analysis based on on-line research and satellite observations. The proposal focuses on developing a business district for Andijan City. In addition to the unfortunate loss of many population, it’s understood that Andijan City had been through an Earthquake that, caused a serious loss of historical and cultural assets. The design focused on Emergency and Assembly Location within the heart of study area. Analysis show that Andijan City is is both an Agriculture and Industry banded city with a high potential of future economic growth. Yet, it’s not submitting adequent green and open space to its citizen. The design took a city-scale park into it’s center.