Alfraganus Shopping Mall

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


70.000 m²

The project locates in Tashkent, on  the site which is 11 ha. The site has two important boulevards which are Norkhodjaev and Kushkuprik. It has also contextually strong relation with scientist Al-Farghani also known as Alfraganus in the West. The project connects with Tashkent history too. The Gates of Tashkent, in present-day Uzbekistan, were built around the town at the close of the 10th century, but did not survive to the present. The last gate was destroyed in 1890 as a result of the growth of the city, but some of the districts in Tashkent still bear the names of these gates.  The project has many entrance/gate like old Tashkent. Thus, an infinite journey starts within the project area. The idea of infinity is carried out through the site. The infinity supplies visitors to get around all units in a continuous matter. In the design,  each unit has own street and commercial potential. The infinity streets go on like a tilt machine. The strategy aims to keep customer and spend more time  inside. In this way  The shopping doesn’t bore clients anymore. The site proposal which is formed by the ideas coming from infinity responds to all needs of users and investors. A lovely journey and easy visitable spaces are ready with 70.000 m² construction size for Tashkent.