Aktepe Circle

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


239.000 m²

Aktepe Circle is a strong attraction point on the intersections of Samarkand Darvoza Street and Esenin Street on 99.000 sqm plot. The project has 239.000 sqm construction area. The large project site is neighbouring new development areas and densely populated zones of city and very accessible at the centre of Tashkent.

Regrading to its position within the city, Aktepe Circle reveals a retail attraction and a potency to be a core for future commercial centre of city. The design focuses of a circular growth of commercial activities via putting the open areas into its heart and connecting the traditional shopping style with contemporary.

External links to the site evaluated carefully, three entrances to the site increase the access and interest to the core.

Architectural approach would be summarized as creating a new central place both physical and functionally, connecting to the populated transportation axis strategically, being open to community, balancing the building heights, respect the human scale and finally adding value via design.

In addition to commerce, the use of space varies with central core, retail areas, low rise residences to ensure day and night usage of the site with terraces, a joyful street life and kid’s playgrounds.