31.12.2015 NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE

As a two decades old architectural office, our record on last year’s projects shows that, within 2015, iki design group has designed 3.083.000 m2 of area which of:
2.358.000 m2 composed of mixed-use projects,
503.000 m2 of Residential projects,
178.000 m2 of offices, and
44.000 m2 of civic projects.
And now, iki design group closes up the year with 10 newly gathered international architecture Awards and 82 colleges working at the office.
After having a blur economic and politic conjuncture, second half of 2015 was much more compelling while our design tempo was high all year long.
On the other hand, we keep on thinking and considering about the upcoming year. The new trends like thinking the future life on Mars, tailored and ad-hoc development policies and projects, using internet of things in and with the architectural design, thinking of Millennials’ habits and perceptions…
Expo Milano with a title of Feeding the Planet, energy for Life or another big event Earth to Paris clearly stated that energy efficiency and the use of resources are main titles that we will be discussing in 2016 either. Green is going to keep on being the new black of 2016 while pop-up stores, vegan food places and self-producing restaurants and health and wellness facilities will be effecting the architectural design.
3D printing and drones will broaden the horizons of presenting and documenting the architectural design.
We know while the definition of space is evolving, the material and natural sources and energy is diminishing, the trends and abilities are shifting. Biomimicry appears to take place in the center or architectural design soon.
Follow iki’de bir in 2016, we are going to share news from us and from the ongoing practices and news around the World via iki’de bir.
We sincerely wish 2016 to bring success and happiness for all, peace for every single community and place around the globe and a promising future to children.