26.10.2018 iki design group AWARD WINNER
    26.10.2018 iki design group AWARD WINNER
26.10.2018 iki design group AWARD WINNER

Once again, iki design group is multi-awarded!
iki design group had been awarded by European Property Awards for their High-A Residences and Mesa Antalya Mixed-use Projects.
Senior Partner of iki design group, MArch. Murat Kader was at the Royal Lancaster, London on 25th October 2018 for European Property Award’s Gala Dinner. iki design group competed among the best property professionals across the European region to be recognised in the Best Residential High-rise Architecture, Best Mixed-use Architecture and Best Retail Architecture categories. The projects achieved five-star success in Europe league.
The European Property Awards are judged by an independent panel of 80 industry experts. Judging focuses on design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and commitment to sustainability. The judging panel is chaired by Lord Caithness, Lord Best, The Earl of Liverpool, and Lord Thurso, members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament.
The European Property Awards are the largest, most prestigious, and widely recognised programme throughout the region. The Awards are in their 26th year and cover various residential and commercial categories.
International Property Awards invited architectural companies to present their finest works and iki design group had been awarded in 3 categories at 2018-2019 cycle. As the winner of the region, Mesa Antalya Mixed-use Project and High-A Residences competed against the other regional winners and finally the results revealed at the Europe Gala Dinner.
With the recent three awards received, number of iki design group’s National and International Architectural Design Awards increased to 65. Mesa Antalya Mixed-use is a nominee to be the best of Europe. In the grand final, the project will be competing with winners of other continents.
The Awarded Projects
Mesa Antalya Mixed-use Project is a competition project received by iki design group in 2017. The main concerns of its design are focusing on sea view and natural beauty of Antalya, controlling the hot climate conditions, creating adequate green and social activity areas within the project, enabling the maximum public access to take an important place within the daily urban life. The project is easing the pedestrian and public access in an open and un-limited way; access and creating a unique and iconic architectural style; creating a concerned design which is respectful to the natural resources both now and in the future, using all the resources with a consciousness including monetarily ones and enabling affordable outputs from the design. The retail program of project based on a Gastronomy-Entertainment-Leisure mix, this unique style had been awarded as the Best Retail Architecture.
High-A Residences locate in a very special location for Istanbul where the view of magnificent Prince Islands offers the residents to enjoy the beauty of the city. Moreover, it accommodates A+ residences Especially the urban park between two towers placed as an un-seen potential both for the neighbourhood and the Project itself.
Urban regeneration in Turkey is a huge experience for us, now we are carrying our knowledge to abroad.
Senior partner of iki design group, MArch Murat Kader stated that “Each new project and new award is a total excitement to us, the design team and clients are proud of these awarded projects. Urban regeneration process in Turkey had been a huge experience for architects, now we are carrying our knowledge to abroad. In addition to our projects across Turkey, we are continuously working for other projects located in many countries including Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, Tanzania, Azerbaijan, Russia and Montenegro…etc. We aim to design the best and take our place within other Region’s awarded projects in next cycles.”

ABOUT iki design group
iki design group is an architectural studio founded by Sema Eser Özsaruhan and Murat Kader in 1995, delivered plenty of housing and mixed-use programs, tourism, public, office and retail projects; sport complexes, and master-planning projects within these 2 decades.
With an international understanding of architectural linguistics and a balanced approach to nature-human-urban dynamics, iki design group claimed many awarded projects. The office produces trust and dialogue oriented, visionary, sustainable, flexible, creative and functional schemes. The office had delivered over 30 million sqm area of design that added value to the initial investment.
Its multi-disciplined team of professionals, strategic partnerships and accumulation of design experience lead iki design group to apply “timeless” projects bounding the past and the future.