Rize Mix

European Property Awards

Highly Commended, Retail & Residential High-Rise 


Rize is a developing and growing Black Sea City on northern east shores of Turkey with a population of 329.000. The city displays all common characteristics of Black-sea climate and nature. The tea planted hills, the sea and high density green fields are enriches the beauty of city and nature unites.
The project site is 30.250 m² with a construction area of 84.700 m². The mixed scheme includes residential blocks and a shopping mall designed with a circulation plan that offer street shopping and open-air activity experiences for Rize residents. The high-rise building is an iconic landmark wit mimesis with the tea-flower. It is a sign of climate and local dynamics of the region where black tea is one of the common and known economic drivers Black Sea Region.
On the other hand, as a growing and developing city, Rize needs a gravity point and landmark structures to create an identification and attraction for the city. The square-like open areas around and within a retail area surrounded by housing blocks and a landmark structure will initiate a visual and functional change for Rize City.