African Best Architecture in Multiple Residence for Tanzania


iki design group has been awarded to “African Best Architecture in Multiple Residence for Tanzania” by its Safari City Project for the 2014-2015 cycle of International Property Awards. International Property Awards, as one of the most prestigious body of real estate sector since 1995, had submitted the awards with a ceremony took place in Dubai The Madinat Jumeirah Hotel on 4th of December.

2,513,000 m² sized large scale project Safari City had designed with the aim of re-establishing the balance and equilibrium of sustainable urban and rural life. The project is undoubtedly a critical attempt to reconcile the two fundamental elements of “development” and “preservation”.

M.Arch Murat Kader, Senior Partner of iki design group, stated that “Safari City Project mainly based on the regulation and terms of revenue sharing system applied by Massive Housing Administration of Turkey. Tanzania Government intended to apply the model and they contacted us to design and now we are proud and happy to achieve this award by our design of Safari City Project.

Being awarded is not a relief or a reason for letup, yet a motivation for us to produce and practise better projects for