12.12.2016 Piyalepasa Istanbul won the World’s Best Interior Design Show Home

Multi-awarded iki design group project Piyalepasa Istanbul receives Best of Europe award and World’s Best award on 12nd of December at London Savoy Hotel. International Property Awards invited architectural companies to present their finest works and iki design group already awarded in 9 categories at 2016-2017 cycle. As the winner of the region, Piyalepasa Istanbul, competed against the other regional winners and finally the results revealed at the grand final gala dinner.

iki design group had been named among the most innovative, exceptional, and ambitious projects of the year, representing Turkey on an international stage in London. Thus; both iki design group and Piyalepasa Istanbul had been registered officially for world-wide achievement of the project’s all planning and designing stages.

Piyalepasa Istanbul, as a 450.000 m² master-plan scale mixed-use project of iki design group, consisting of Hotel, Retail, Residences and Offices, had been designed from urban design scale to interior within the same conceptual approach by Murat Kader and Sema Eser Ozsaruhan.